Identity theft is the #1 consumer crime in the United States.

There's a new identity theft victim every two seconds.



ID Theft Victims
In the US in 2017
Every 2 Seconds



Was Stolen by
Identity Thieves
in 2017



Risk of Account
Fraud For Social
Media Users



Records Compromised
in Data Breaches
in 2017

Identity theft is when thieves steal your personal information in order to take over or open new accounts, file fake tax returns, rent or buy properties, or do other criminal things in your name.

Everyone is at risk. Children, Millennials, Recently Separated, Newlyweds, New Parents, New Home Owners. When Identity Theft happens, you may not even know it. Thief's take advantage at times of vulnerability like when you submit new credit application, during event registration, when making doctor's visits, during college enrollment or on-line shopping. Personal information is everywhere and criminals are most effective when their victims are uninformed.

Identity Theft protection puts control back in your hands. Protect your personal data with IdentityMaxx. Our team utilizes innovative and enhanced monitoring techniques that protect your identity, so you can get back to your life.

How it works

three easy steps


register your account

No Non-public Personal Information required like your date of birth, social security number or driver’s license are required. We use our superior technology to eliminating the need to provide NPI.



Our proprietary systems will begin monitoring and surveilling the vast corners of the internet to seek out any potential kind of fraud being perpetrated on you or family members in the household.



If fraud is detected we alert you and assign a Advocate with a Limited Power of Attorney to act on your behalf to resolve all issue created by the fraud and restore your identity to pre-theft status.

What We Do

Full Identity Theft Monitoring and Recovery for Your Entire Family Plus and Unbelievable Rewards Program

  • We monitor the dark web, scanning every conceivable place a criminal might be lurking.
  • When threats are detected by our proprietary scanning algorithms we send real time fraud alerts.
  • If your Identity is stolen, we fix the problems for you, all of them!
  • We assign you a IdentityMaxx Personal Advocate who will do the identity restoration work for you.
  • Our limited power of attorney allows us to perform all the work necessary to restore your identity.
  • Once we fix an identity theft issue you have our Stay Fix Guarantee.
  • Our ground breaking industry first Maxx Rewards program provides unbelievable rewards that help you live life better and can assist you in lowering or eliminating your monthly IdentityMaxx bill.

No "Date of Birth" or "Social Security Number" Needed to Retain Coverage

  • An Industry First.
  • Proprietary Software.

Restores Medical and IRS Fraud

  • These are the most difficult personal items to restore, thus most companies choose to exclude coverage. Not IdentityMaxx, these types of restorations also come with our Stay Fix Guarantee.

Best Coverage, Best Pricing in America

  • Our price which is half of what others charge and covers your entire household. That means no hidden or additional fees ever.

Fully Insured

  • We back our work and Stay Fix Guarantee. Our services are fully insured through an A+ rated Insurance Company.

Constant Scanning For Three Types Of Fraud

Services & Features

Standard Early Warning Systems

Our innovative detection and warning system utilizes the IdentityMaxx’s Proprietary system to scan thousands of data sources at various daily, weekly, bi-weekly, and monthly intervals for a specific set of identity theft indicators. Thoroughly tested through real police and victim experiences, we utilize past identity theft cases, and extensive ID Theft research to assure our system is combatting the latest in theft techniques. Instant alert if your information is being changed without your permission.

Expanded Proprietary Early Warning Systems Premium

Our Expanded Proprietary Early Warning System included in your subscription scans an expanded set of public data sources; constantly trolling and monitoring the internet and off-line sources such as public utility records, databases, and credit applications to make sure you don’t become yet another identity theft victim. The system instant alerts you if your information is being changed without your permission.

Personal Network Monitoring

We monitor your bank accounts, credit cards, social security number, email addresses, personal identifiable information, payday loans, change of address, phone numbers, court records, law enforcement databases, changes to your identity profiles, the dark web, and billions of public and private data records. This includes all family members in the household, including children.

Identity Recovery and Restoration Service

The IdentityMaxx Identity Recovery and Restoration Service assigns you a personal advocate who will do the work on your behalf. Our identity theft experts are available 24/7 to always take your call during an identity theft emergency. Our Customers sign a "Limited Power of Attorney" to allow us to fix and restore their Identities to pre-theft status. WE DO THE WORK!

Live Membership Support

24/7/365, with unlimited restorations, and no exclusions or deductibles.

Limited Power of Attorney

This allows a Professional Advocate to restore your Identity on your behalf. We don’t just cover you, we cover your whole family. We cover whomever is in your household upon sign up plus your kids in college.

Stay Fixed Guarantee

Stay-Fixed Guarantee! For any item we’ve previously resolved, which happens to resurface on your record, we will fix it again whether you’re still a member or not!

Lost Wallet Service

Lost your wallet or purse? The IdentityMaxx Lost Wallet service allows you to store critical financial information securely and contact critical financial centers. This ready response is very effective in preventing criminals from stealing your money and the "Limited Power of Attorney" allows us to cancel and reissue credit cards on your behalf.

Online Reputation Search

Protect your good name. IdentityMaxx Online Reputation Search scours the internet searching for any derogatory information about you or your family. This service categorizes the information it discovers for easy viewing while scanning and monitoring millions of websites. We detect misinformation in chat rooms, bulletin boards, IRC servers, new groups, and Black-Market Forums, AKA the Dark Web.

IdentityMaxx Labs

IdentityMaxx Labs is a division of IdentityMaxx dedicated to identity theft research and countermeasure development. Employing some of the leading experts in the identity theft field, IdentityMaxx Labs Researchers work to develop identity theft tools, educational material, and solutions for deployment not only in your community, this cutting-edge technology has a global reach impacting public, private and government agencies worldwide.

Child Protection Center

When considering how heinous online perpetrators can be, we must prepare for the unimaginable, a missing child. The IdentityMaxx Child Protection Center helps protect your children from some of the worst kind of criminals, internet predators. We help you integrate research policies for internet privacy for children, and in the worst-case scenario, we create a lost child recovery kit and assist in any way we can.

Free Credit Reports Reminder

IdentityMaxx Credit Report Reminder Service will walk you through the process of obtaining your free yearly credit reports from major credit bureaus such as TransUnion, Equifax, and Experian.

Fraud Alert Assistance

IdentityMaxx Fraud Alert Assistance provides step-by-step instructions for establishing fraud alerts on your credit profile. If you are at high risk for identity theft, fraud alerts can be one of your best lines of identity theft defense by protecting your credit profile from unauthorized use.

Credit Security Freezes

A security freeze prevents a credit reporting agency from releasing your credit report information without your consent. IdentityMaxx will help you establish a security freeze on each of your credit profiles at Equifax, Experian, and TransUnion. Residents in all 50 states can currently request a security freeze on their credit report directly through any of the for mentioned credit bureaus

Insurance Reports

What information does the insurance industry have about you? IdentityMaxx Insurance Records product helps you obtain a copy of your personal health information that the insurance industry uses to evaluate your risk for life, health, casualty, and long-term health insurance.

Junk Mail Reduction

Our proprietary and automated system helps eliminate the wide-spread use of your personal data and cleans up your inbox. By removing your name from junk mail lists and information databases, you will get less junk mail and help keep your personal information much more safe and secure.

Criminal Background Report

See the complete criminal background of you, your family members, neighbors, babysitters, teachers, or anyone you feel needs to be assessed. We receive criminal data from all 50 states.

Criminal Background Monitoring

One of the scariest aspects of an identity theft is that criminals can use your identity to commit crimes, often very serious or even violent. We will monitor your criminal records to see if a criminal is using your personal information, or if and when they’ve been arrested by the authorities. Nobody wants to deal with the hassle or embarrassment of being held and treated as a fugitive for a crime you never committed.

Fully Insured

We guarantee that you have the backing of an A.M. Best (-A) rated Insurance Company, so no matter what the issue, you always have coverage.

IdentityMaxx Coverage

No Date of Birth or Social Security Number needed to retain coverage! An industry first!

Get Started Now for Just $29.95/Month


IdentityMaxx takes a simple and different approach when it comes to identity theft recovery and restoration, "We Fix It" on your behalf.